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Reunions are held each year, in conjunction with Spring Carnival and Cèilidh weekends. Please visit the Cèilidh Reunion page for details on the 50th and Platinum Reunions, held during Cèilidh 2013, September 26-28.

50th and Platinum Reunions during Cèilidh Weekend

The 50th and Platinum reunions are important landmarks for every alumnus/a, and the university takes great pride in welcoming our Reunion celebrants back during Cèilidh Weekend each year. The 50th Reunion celebrants are individually honored during a Medallion Ceremony, which in a highlight of this reunion. Additionally, a special 50th Reunion Memory Book is published for the occasion.

Decade Reunions during Spring Carnival & Reunion Weekend

These reunions provide the opportunity for alumni to celebrate with alumni and friends across the years in the same decade. Decade reunions are held during Spring Carnival weekend for alumni from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. During Spring Carnival & Reunion Weekend 2014, April 12-14, the following reunion celebrations will take place:
  • Decade of the 1970s (hosted by the classes of 1974 and 1979)
  • Decade of the 1980s (hosted by the classes of 1984 and 1989)
  • Decade of the 1990s (hosted by the classes of 1994 and 1999)
  • Decade of the 2000s, a.k.a. Young Alumni Happy Hour (hosted by the classes of 2004, 2009, and 2013)

Please note, if you are interested in planning a reunion or gathering for your class outside of the decade reunion, please contact us.

Reunion Committees

We need and welcome volunteers to serve in the role of communication agents (i.e. create/maintain websites, contact classmates via phone, mail, email, social media, etc.). In short, we need people to spread the word about the upcoming reunion! Volunteers may also serve as a class giving agent or class giving chair (i.e. complete peer solicitations, identify and recruit additional class giving agents, act as signatory, thank classmates for reunion gifts, etc.). For information about your reunion or how to get involved, please contact us.

Alumni Interest Reunions

Alumni Interest reunions reconnect alumni with a common interest or affinity to the university. These reunions may be based on residence houses/halls, vocal ensembles, student clubs, or athletic programs, among others. Reunions for these groups are usually based on the anniversaries of when the groups were established and may occur at either Spring Carnival or Cèilidh Weekend. Alumni who would like to plan a reunion for their group can contact Mara Barker for more information.

Loyal Scot Eligible

Getting involved through events, volunteering, and other activities can make you Loyal Scot eligible. 
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