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Thank you for your interest in nominating a candidate for an Alumni Award.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations in all categories must be received to the Alumni Association on or before September 1.

Submitting Nomination Form

Below are a few suggestions and things to know as you prepare and submit a nomination form:
  • Read through the award categories and criteria to help in selecting the appropriate category for your nominee.
  • Prior to starting the online form, be sure to collect the supporting materials, which include: nominee's resume (achievement/recent categories only), listing of CMU volunteer roles/committees (service categories only), and a minimum of two letters of support.
  • Please note the online form is single-use and cannot be saved.
If you would prefer to complete this form offline, you may also download an MSWord version of the Nomination form.

Selection Process

Alumni Award Honorees are selected each year by members of the Alumni Association Board (AAB) Awards Committee. Selected Award Honorees are informed of their nominations and selections by the President of the AAB, and their acceptance of the awards is then confirmed. After all Award Honorees are confirmed, nominators are informed of their candidates' status.

Nomination Tips

Letters of Support

  • All nominations must include a minimum of two letters of support. However, you may supply up to six letters in order to illustrate the depth and breadth of the individual's impact and contributions.
  • Achievement categories: Identify experts in the field, who can speak to the nominee's contributions and impact, to write letters of support.
  • Service categories: Identify alumni, staff and faculty who have worked with the volunteer and can speak to the nominee's contributions and impact at CMU. If the nominee has served the university in multiple roles, please include letters describing all aspects of his/her service.


  • Eligibility is limited by award type to alumni, students or faculty of Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Nominations remain active for three award selection cycles. If your candidate is not selected, you have the opportunity to add supplemental and/or updated information to the individual’s nomination packet before the next deadline.
  • Current members of the Alumni Association Board and Andrew Carnegie Society Board, as well as all members of the Board of Trustees, are ineligible to be nominated for and/or receive an Alumni Association Alumni Award.

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