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Spring Carnival 2015 Living Library
April 16-18

Carnival is one of THE quintessential CMU traditions, and we hope you plan to return to celebrate! I mean, where else can you find Booth, Buggy, Mobots, and S'n'S shows (among the many other events) in one location?

After you check out the 125+ events and figure out what to attend, be sure to register online. As always, make sure your FIRST STOP back on campus is the Registration & Welcome Area in Wean Commons (Cohon University Center)!

What YOU can do to help spread the word:

  • Order your Carnival t-shirt by March 21!
  • Register for the weekend and encourage your friends to do the same!
  • Post your Carnival photos on our Facebook page using #CMUcarnival
  • Email us if you need updated info on fellow alumni, student organizations or academic departments - we'll assist in outreach
  • Share what's new in 2015:
    • Buggy 95th Event Track: Specialized events for this milestone!
    • Kid's Programming: In addition to the LEGO buggy races at KidZone, two new programs are scheduled: Family Robotics Activities and Leonard Gelfand Center Educational programs. Both activities are free but pre-registration is required through each program's site. Also, check out the Carnival schedule for the full list of family-friendly programming.

Special thanks to Sam Ahmed (A'16), the Student Carnival Committee Publicity Chair for his work in creating this special alumni teaser video featuring music composed by Andrew Dewey (A'17). We hope it brings back some awesome memories!

Have questions about campus amenities, local hotels, and more? Check out our FAQ.

See you in April as we celebrate this CMU tradition!  

Spring Carnival 2014 - Best of the Best: Carnival 100 Click to expand

As part of the centennial celebration of Spring Carnival, the Pittsburgh City Council declared April 10, 2014 Carnegie Mellon University Spring Carnival Day in the city.
View the proclamation »

Booth Results

1. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Lord of the Rings
2. Alpha Epsilon Pi: Simpsons
3. Delta Tau Delta: Coney Island

1. Kappa Alpha Theta: Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Wreck It Ralph
3. Delta Gamma: Despicable Me

1. Asian Students' Association: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2. Singapore Students' Association: Secret Agent Training School
3. Taiwanese Students' Association: Miyazaki Films

1. Phi Delta Theta: The Olympics
2. Mayur SASA: Avatar: The Last Airbender
3. Mellon College of Science: Batman

Blitz: Math Club: To Infinity and Beyond 
Full Size: Taiwanese Students' Association: Miyazaki Films

Best of the Best: Fringe: Pittsburgh: The Best City in the World
Chairman's Choice: Math Club: To Infinity and Beyond
People's Choice: Kappa Kappa Theta: Pirates of the Caribbean
T-Shirt Award: Taiwanese Students' Association: Miyazaki Films

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Sweepstakes Results

Men's     Women's    
Place Team Time Place Team Time
1 SDC A 02:04.5 1 SDC A 02:33.5
2 SigEp A 02:14.6 2 Fringe A 02:42.6
3 Fringe A 02:17.0 3


4 SigEp B 02:17.3 4 CIA A 02:58.1
5 Spirit A 02:18.1 5 SigEp A 02:52.8
6 PiKA B 02:25.5 6 PiKA A 03:07.0
7 CIA A 02:23.2 7 SigEp B 02:56.3
  SAE A 02:27.2 8 Spirit A 02:58.9
  Apex B DNS 9 SDC C 02:59.9
8 Spirit C 02:29.5 10 Fringe B 03:00.6
  Spirit B 02:30.7      
  Fringe B 02:31.0      
  SigEp C 02:31.8      
9 CIA B 02:31.9      
10 SDC C 02:32.3      

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Carnival Weekend Social Media Highlights

Spring Carnival 2013 - Fractured Fairytales Click to expand

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